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IDEH - Someday

IDEH releases a euphoric single titled 'Someday', a long awaited song from the talented vocalist/producer, centred around the topic of gaining the attention of a person of interest but not acting upon the urge to make conversation. The atmospheric sound of the singer based in Wickford, Essex forces the listener to be immersed in the melody, while she takes you on a 3 minute journey which ends up feeling like a brief moment in time.

This feeling is potent in the song's lyrics also. IDEH sings about thoughts of a full length feature film in this split second, however not having the presence of mind to maker those thoughts a reality. 'Someday' Is a soothing record that we believe is a solid teaser for her next project.

This is song is the latest addition to our Next Up playlist which you can listen to here. Listen and comment on the IDEH record 'Someday' below.

#IDEH #rnb #alternative

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