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DVSN's Third Album 'A Muse In Her Feelings' Is Out Now

DVSN, formed of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 have been responsible for some of the most piercing and atmospheric R&B music in recent time. Since their debut album, Sept. 5th back in 2015, the OVO duo has been recognised as one of the trailblazers of contemporary R&B with a strong foundation in the motifs that have caused the genre to have such an impact in music culture for decades. Their sophomore project was another step in the right direction but after a 2-year hiatus, the due has returned with a 16 song project titled 'A Muse In Her Feelings' which promises to detail the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the modern-day woman.

DVSN's third album is considerably feature heavily in comparison to their previous offerings. This project taps the talents of powerhouses in R&B such as their label mate PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, Snoh Alegra and Summer Walker to name a few. This album speaks of multiple situations that both women and men face when interacting with one another on a romantic level. Songs like 'Miss Me?' released as a single, speaks on the conversations men may have with themselves or their partner about missing their presence after a failed relationship. 'Friends' featuring PARTNEXTDOOR is a slow-burning record with a spacious ambiance that allows Daley and Party vocalise about not listening to their friends about the woman they are with, although they have reason to doubt their connection with her. They feel secure are comfortable with the situation no matter the exterior circumstances.

Records like Outlandish speak to the carefree mentality that an individual may have towards his/her partner, touching on the extreme focus that they may experience when in a space of infatuation, this record transitions into 'Keep It Going' seamlessly. 'Keep It Going' brings Ninetine95's production abilities to the forefront with an interesting house music switch to the record underneath an atmospheric sound/sample. 'Keep It Going' is a completely different sound to what we are used to from DVSN sonically but it shows their progression and ability to keep their core identity in lyrical content while taking the sound to new horizons. Another stand out on the project is 'No Cryin' featuring Future, as the subject matter fits into the themes that we have come to love/expect from the Atlanta rap star. Future delivers a scathing verse about his detachment from any feeling or empathy for the woman on this record. He urges her not to shed tears in his luxury vehicle and the importance of him showing no signs of weakness, he also explains his reasoning for his lack of communication as he feels it will have no bearing on improving the situation they are both in. Daley follows suit with a verse in a similar model but also letting her know that she'll be okay when it's all said and done. A Muse In Her Feelings is another solid project from DVSN that has the potential to grow in sentimental value with more listens, DVSN dabbles into new territory on this project, sonically and in inviting different perspectives to the records. Overall the project is an enjoyable listen that definitely will give you a great view of the modern-day woman from a generally male perspective. Listen below.

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