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Corteiz Blue Joggers Rule The World

Corteiz is a London based streetwear project that has created a name for itself by providing its audience comfortable and quality garments while building an unconventional community with nostalgic film photography and a high level of production and variety. Corteiz is one of the fastest-growing streetwear brands in London and continuously expanding into making an impact in Europe and beyond.

Founded by Creative Director Clint, after the dissolve of his previous clothing brand CADE, Corteiz already has staple pieces that hold value within youth culture. The Joggers in the previous Green and white colour ways, have continuously been popular pieces for those in the know of youth fashion, also met with a great reception by the masses.

Corteiz recently released the latest iteration of the joggers and unsurprisingly the garment sold out in the 3-day window in which the Corteiz webstore was open. The Blue Joggers with the white 'Corteiz' logo print on the garment. We are expecing more garments in the blue colour way to be released to the public soon, a preview of the Corteiz 'Alcatraz' logo T-shirt

Find the campaign photos below!

Sign Up to the Corteiz website here for access to future releases:

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