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Caught In Conversation: Rushy

West London artist Rushy is a name to remember this year. Growing up in Hayes, he is a breath of freshness which the UK music scene has been waiting for. One of the three members of the London collective 'Straight 3', he has developed his own trap sound bringing hard-hitting lyrics and an infectious flow.

Since the release of his debut single “Trippidy Trap” in 2019 earning over 3 million YouTube views and 6.6 million Spotify streams, he has worked with household UK produce Nyge on 'ATM' as well as releasing catchy track 'Hi!Bye!'. It is obvious Rushy is one to watch in the game. Having made a name for himself, he has gained recognition from BBC Radio 1xtra with Tiffany Calver, toured with M Huncho alongside Nafe Smallz and Mastermind.

He is more than a trap artist, he values making music that brings a feel good vibe for the listeners. We caught up with Rushy to talk about his new single, how he’s grown as an artist and of course, what’s on the horizon for the rest of the year.

Hey! First things first, what have you been up to during lockdown?

I’ve been writing, going to the studio a couple times and a lot of playstation.

For those who are new to your music, who is Rushy in your own words?

I’d say a bubbly, vibrant person with music that gives off a fun vibe, creating a good atmosphere for everyone listening.

You’re part of S3 collective, how did you all meet and come together?

I’ve literally known them from year 7. When I first started making music, I always made it with them. It happened by itself, we just clicked. Once we all found out that we could make music, we went to the studio and put the tune on SoundCloud. It got a better reception than what we were expecting, so we thought why not carry on doing it, which we did.

So, did you always know that you wanted to do music?

I wouldn’t say I’ve always known this is what I wanted to do but I’ve always liked music ever since I was little. It’s something that’s always interested me, although I’ve never been someone who says ‘I wanna be a rapper’, it just happened, which I’m thankful for.

You’ve mentioned that music has always been of interest to you, what was your first experience?

In school, everyone used to have little rap battles, I used to come up with a few bars and people used to be like ‘rah, you’re actually decent’. From there I continued doing that, ended up going to the studio and it got a good reception.

So, your new single ‘Faces’ ft Romy Jo is out now, what was the inspiration behind the track?

With that song, I made it a year ago. I was new in the game, realising all the little things that I might not have known before I got into the music industry. Noticing who’s fake or who’s not fake and how many people show you fake love. So yeah it’s mainly about that to be honest.

Since your first release ‘Trippidy Trap’, how have you grown as an artist?

Feel like I’m more aware of what I’m doing. For example when I go to the studio now, I used to go in for fun, which I still do now but it’s more a serious session. It’s made me think more about my music, if I hear a beat I know not to slap just any bars on it anymore. I think properly before doing it now. Sometimes I write a few bars before going in or sometimes I don’t even finish a track. I start it and then go back to it another day.

I’ve heard you’ve got a new EP coming out in June, what was the recording process like?

I wouldn’t say it was any different, I didn’t go in there with a set of tracks to record for the tape. I was just making music, and they happened to fit into the vibe I wanted. The tape is called ‘Stress 3’, so that was the vibe I was going for. Whatever it was, even if there were different types of genres of music I wanted to make sure I still kept that vibe. One of the tracks we made during the lockdown and knew it had to go on there.

If there were any artists you could work with, who would you choose?

Chip is one of my favourite artists, I like the way he sounds and I think it would sound good sonically too. I listen to a lot of people, but there are a few in America: Lil baby, Gunna maybe even Joey Bada$$. Whoever I collaborate with as long as it sounds good and goes with my sound, it’s a vibe.

You’ve toured with Nafe Smallz & M Huncho, been on BBC Radio 1xtra with Tiffany Calver, what has been a personal highlight for you?

Definitely touring with M Huncho. That was one of my first shows and it was in London with a lot of people, so that’s always stuck with me. Touring with Nafe Smallz was really good too.

So post Covid-19, what can we expect from you?

My tape for one, definitely releasing more videos this year than last year and more music. Just different vibes, which I think will all be appreciated.

To find out more on Rushy: Twitter | Instagram

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