• Fatima Sheekhuna

Bree Runway Releases Debut Mixtape 2000AND4EVA

Rapper, songstress and fashion icon, Bree Runway has proved she is a forced to be reckoned with following the release of her debut mixtape, 2000AND4EVA.

Drawing from the electrifying and vibrant era of the noughties, that stamped the likes of Lady Gaga and other eclectic women as pop stars, the short debut project really does pack a punch. Only a mere 21 minutes long, Runway showcases a side of pop that centres Black womanhood, something the industry failed to do at the time. Despite pulling into various aspects of herself and delving into multiple sounds, some bassy, some slow and some electric , at no point does the project feel like an experiment or messy, it is a true representation of the multifaceted being of Runway herself.

The project opens to the hard and heavy "APESHIT". With a high energy, the track merges an electric punk and pop sound whilst also providing a vast playground in which Runway is able to demonstrate her ability to effortlessly switch flows, and hit soft melodic vocals. The heavy production continues into the next few tracks, complimented well by the strength and slickness of Bree Runways voice. On the third track, she's joined by the kingpin herself, Missy Elliot, and the pair lay down their own skippy and infectious flow over the 90's-esque 808 heavy beat. The project also teases features with Rico Nasty, Maliibu Miitch and Yung Baby Tate. At one point, she slows the tempo down for a heartfelt tribute to her good friend, Nicole Thea and Baby Reign, who passed away earlier this year.

Speaking on the project, Bree said: "This year hasn’t been the easiest to take myself to a place mentally where I can feel good to create songs to make others feel good. But constantly fighting for inner peace and creativity daily, I’m glad I was able to put together a body of work for fans to press play on and feel like a rockstar with no problems for a second.”

You can stream the new EP below.

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