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Black-Owned Canadian Brand 2nd Coming Launches Their “Against All Odds” Capsule Collection

Let us introduce and pay homage to Black-owned Canadian brand 2nd Coming whom recently launched their streetwear capsule collection titled Against All Odds. This Canadian brand started as an idea for streetwear created by Congolese Canadian and Creative Director Josue Ngimbi.

Ngimbi has gone above and beyond with his Against All Odds capsule collection. Using his drive and interpretation in his work, he has taken inspiration from both backgrounds as a Canadian and his Congolese heritage. He was able to harness his creativity to produce pieces that express and embrace his vision of self-empowerment.

With that in mind, he sets out to create pieces that show the meaning behind the interior of the brand that speaks for itself and by doing so, he has built a fresh approach to streetwear that pushes the boundaries and provides inspiration to his audience and the experience he has learnt from others around him.

From the beginning, Ngimbi has brought nothing but passion and dedication to his brand 2nd Coming. Just a few days ago, the capsule collection launched. As you know, not everything at one time or another starts with ease. The concept idea needs to be in place. In Ngimbi’s case, it began with a passion for a style that was the driving force and with that came a dream which he followed through and made his vision become a reality.

Looking at different styles looks from other creatives and placing multiple pieces together was the starting point for the brand. With only a limited amount of money in the bank, this concept of a dream started with items such as your classic baseball caps. Four years later, Ngimbi has progressed further, adding more product categories like hoodies, tops, outerwear, cargo pants and accessories such as cross-bags. The brand graphic tells a story behind each piece in this capsule collection, emphasizing the brand palette despite trials and successes.

The brand has gained various attention from followers on social media such as Instagram as an additional platform to reach out to their customers. Let us not forget, the new website launched to display the fresh, new streetwear line. The brand had the opportunity to arrange their first-ever pop-up shop to show their audience who they are and what they are all about as a brand.

Against All Odds capsule collection is a representation of upbringing experiences. Despite, struggles we face, there is still a right direction to choose and a light at the end of the tunnel to look towards the future.

“I know now that I’m not just selling clothes. What I put out into the world defines me.” - Josue

It is an exciting source of inspiration to watch brands like 2nd Coming to thrive and stop at nothing regardless of anything in its path. With Ngimbi’s new capsule collection achieving the recognition it deserves, he has paved the way for other creatives like himself. Encouraging hope and not giving up, continuing with the passion you must succeed in anything you want to pursue, learn from the mistakes you face, however, understanding the core values of self-empowerment and making possibilities and opportunities happen.

2nd Coming Against All Odds capsule collection has recently launched and is exclusively available on

Written By Charlene Foreman

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