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Berry Galazka Releases Fiery Debut Single 'Man Can't Hang'

This alt-pop newcomer has stepped onto the scene with a strong sense of femininity and confidence that trickles throughout her debut track.

From starting to pursue her music career at 17, Berry was brought up in a Polish home where she was surrounded by reggae and polka, with this she was able to develop her electrifying sound. As she grew up in Florida, she tries to create her music with polka in mind. Although her musical influences cover many different genres she draws inspiration from classic artists such as Bob Marley, Eek-A-Mouse, Rina Sawayama, Tierra Whack, My Chemical Romance and Kevin Abstract which fortifies her concoction of pop influences.

Whilst being into astrology, she has decided to take to TikTok where she has been creating music for specific signs as well. As someone who carries herself as very confident and naturally rebellious, she mentions: “I have a hard time taking seriously any kind of authority figures or social norms,” she explains. “I finish writing faster than my ex in bed and usually can record a demo on the day. If it's not flowing, I change what I’m doing and don't painstakingly try to make a song work, I don't believe in struggling over art, that's a dated patriarchy masculine energy trope”

Berry Galazka's 'Man Can't Hang' is a message to the patriarchy.about how easily men’s egos are triggered by women who do better, make more, talk smarter than them and are not afraid to call them out.” Instead of fighting back with them, just cut ‘em loose coz man can’t hang. Like, I got a lot of better things to do than fux with a guy with a bad vibe,”

She want's people to be excited when they listen to her music and not have to feel like they have to follow any sort of path that someone wants to set for them.

"at the end of the day everyone you know dies and won't give a fuck about the decisions you made, you're the only one who needs to be satisfied with how you lived your life. So that's a message that people forget a lot and I'd like to remind them of.”

Listen to Berry Galazka's 'Man Can't Hang' right here!

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