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Benezer Releases Exciting EP "The City Never Sleeps"

The City Never Sleeps finds Benezer, a South-east London born and raised artist who is known for his eccentric production choices and playful wordplay, surrounded by the glamorous chaos of city life. The EP focuses on the surface level seduction that is often found within any city. A visual representation of this is offered in the EP lead single, G’d Up (accompanied by a video-clip), which finds Benezer going through the typical scenarios one goes through on a night out on the town with the lads.

Reminiscent of debut track Loose Sauce, The City Never Sleeps goes back to where it started for Benezer. Stimulating production choices paired with fun lyrics about chasing girls and money relevant to the theme of the restless nature of the city.

“When writing this project, I wanted people to get the feeling of being in the city; the bright lights, the flashy clothes, the smooth talking. The city is sexy, so I made sure it’s sounds like that.”


Produced exclusively by JDP and Niko Santino – who come together to create JDIKO - the project is made to sound refreshing and unique. The trio aim to push the boundaries of what UK has to offer in contemporary music.

Stream The City Never Sleeps on your preferred streaming platform here.

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