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Atelier New Regime Creates and Inspires With The Release Of Their New Edition To The Bomber Jacket

Across the Atlantic and only just a few days ago, we witness the launch of Black-owned trendy streetwear brand Atelier New Regime releasing their exclusive line of Hometown Heroes Bomber Jacket. A new edition finally here, available, and online for the world to see.

Going from strength to strength, the brand has earned its right as one of the trendiest streetwear brands in Montreal, Canada. Since the brand’s triumphant of their previous sold-out Championship Collection, a selection of leather inspired bomber jackets and because it sold so well, the brand decided to arrange a further release of the successful selling item. Proving there is more to see of this brand as they diversify their range.

This time around and made in Portugal, the jacket is made from nylon as the modified revamp version, executed and created by one of the strongest and long-lasting fabrics. The bomber jacket is a good fit, comfortable and wearable, has a reasonable price point suitable for their target customer.

The Hometown Heroes Bomber Jacket was created in 2016 to celebrate the power and core values of the brand, going above and beyond and demonstrating the works of creative accomplishments. The brand wanted to make this version different from the last edition and bring a new updated trend-led design to the street scene. Instead, the streetwear brand revised their artwork on their new product and kept their original embroidery line at the back of the jacket displaying “Born to lose, Built to win”.

It is incredible how far the Atelier New Regime team has grown in the last couple of years. Since starting the brand, passion was the driving force that set the wheels in motion and a foundation that can only describe as hard work. Soon, that came the determination to use what they have around them by building a team, designing from their bedroom and before they knew it, a collection of talented creatives was born. Taking their love of design, art, photography and harnessing inspiration from street culture, the brand magnified their streetwear range and accepted challenges to grow their business. However, they still explored freedom through the beauty of art, creativity, and passion in the products they constructed.

As the brand design signature continues to flourish and develop over time, they still strive together as a collective of creatives. Since the release of The Hometown Heroes Bomber Jackets have gained a considerable amount of attention and has taken a liking to multiple followers and celebrities, to name a few like 50 Cent and French Montana.

Striving towards challenges has become the norm in the bubble of the Atelier New Regime. The brand has started from the concept of creativity and inspiring others around them to do the same. They have created and revamped one of their best-selling pieces, the bomber jacket. Not only is the item wearable and looks good, but as a brand, they are willing to seek out the opportunity of offering their audience a taste of what a black-owned brand can produce when they reach their endless possibilities.

See more shots of the Hometown Heroes Bomber Jacket below and you find out more about the brand by clicking here.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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