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Adreyn Cash Releases New Single 'Killshot' After over a Year of Silence

After over a year of silence from the Jamaican born, multi-genre artist Adreyn Cash is set to break this streak with the release of ‘Killshot’, his newest single.

This singer, songwriter and producer has been praised for is eclectic fusion of soul, pop, rock, R&B, alternative music along with a multitude of other genres. Paired with his pure and smooth vocals Cash has been hailed for creating something striking and unique yet containing sentiment.

‘Killshot’ is a self-produced record that combines his signature velvet and demure tones with a dark and spacious mid-tempo beat. The retro drum pattern gives a warm sense of familiarity that creates a nostalgia. The nostalgic feeling ties into the actual meaning of the song; searching for one own self-love after heartbreak. It is an attempt at finding that comfortable warmth within ourselves we have had before yet have lost through another. Cash himself explains that “‘Killshot‘ is about revenge”, the anger he felt from suffering through another heartbreak.

Check out a preview of the new single 'Killshot' below!

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