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Adidas x Wales Bonner: Celebrating Champions And Tradition

Talk about perfect timing! With the Olympic season merely two months away, Adidas and Wales Bonner couldn't have picked a more ideal moment to join forces in celebrating the enduring legacy of East African runners.

We know Adidas for its constant reinvention, delivering endless innovation and pioneering "new apparel and footwear for every sport, every fashion and every style". And, Wales Bonner blends and promotes a unique concept of luxury by combining European cultural traditions with Afro-Atlantic influences, creating something new and distinct. Together, they form the perfect duo to pay homage to the spirit of the marathon in this collection.

Given the inspiration, it was only right for Wales Bonner and Adidas Originals to travel to the Home of Champions in Iten, Kenya. Quite literally, the town gets the name from being the birthplace and home to a number of Olympic World Champions and World Record holders, most famously David Rudisha.

From the vibrant knit track sets to jersey tops and bags in this selection, the dynamic designs of the Samba and SL76 silhouettes are the highlights of this range.

Each design skilfully integrates the distinctive, traditional and luxurious essence that harmonizes with the ethos of both brands. Classic silhouettes evoke tradition, while contrasting materials add a touch of distinctiveness, and the use of leather elevates the sense of luxury.

Getting a stretch in beforehand could be useful, but make sure to run - don't walk - to FLANNELS to get your hands on a piece in this collection, as each one beautifully embodies an ode to resilience, endurance and dedication.


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