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Shy Glizzy Comes Back Fully Loaded- Album Review

Shy Glizzy is an artist that is underrated by many should not be slept on as his music has not only improved but he has become extremely versatile with his flow as well as his melodic sound that blends well whichever beat he is on. Shy Glizzy has an abundance of projects/mixtapes that has led up to his debut album which has been produced extremely well making it a catchy listen and enjoyable for many. We should not forget that Shy Glizzy is talented and has a lot of potential as he is from an area in the US that does not produce a lot of artists. People will recognize Shy Glizzy’s sound from Goldlink’s most popular track, ‘Crew’.

Where We Come From

It is a known fact that both Shy Glizzy and NBA Young Boy are from rough areas and this is stated by Shy Glizzy in the hook, “Where we come from , they don’t play.” With that being said, people would not mind Shy Glizzy and NBA Young Boy featured on tracks in the near future if it is anything like this. The energy and flow shown by both artists on this unique sounding beat really gives it that energy and makes this track one of the most enjoyable listens on the album.

Do You Understand?

This is the first single and probably the most known track on the album which features musicians Gunna and Tory Lanez. While this track revolves around enticing women with money and riches as well as being carefree with them, this track provides a chilled vibe right through. Shy Glizzy’s flow begins the track with his catchy and exhilarating flow that engages us as listeners. Tory Lanez and Gunna’s contribute with their unique sounds to make this track worthy of a listen and also to make this a track a popular one.


The way this track is constructed is wonderful as it provides changes to the sound and which really blends well with a Shy Glizzy’s melodic sound and flow. In this track you can tell Shy Glizzy has been through a tough life on the streets. When he states “They killed my brother, that turned me to a demon.” As well as “Have you ever seen a brain splatter, you can’t believe that sh*t.”. In addition, the adlibs that Shy Glizzy has added to this track makes it an enjoyable listen.

Live Up to the Hype

If there was a track that displays Shy Glizzy exhilarating flow it has to be this one. The beat is a slower compared to other tracks on the album such as ‘Where We Come From’, but brings a more relaxed vibe throughout. You can tell that Shy Glizzy is a passionate artist the way he effortlessly flows on the beat. Without a doubt, this is one Shy Glizzy’s best solo tracks on the album.

Rich Shooters

This track featuring Q Da Fool, possess one the best beats on the album which complement the unconventional and unique sound of Q Da Fool. Additionally, Shy Glizzy again displays his versatility by being able to kill any beat he is provided with. Even though this track glorifies the street life that these artists supposedly live, they are directing their energy and frustration to their music and this is without a doubt one of Shy Glizzy;s cathiest tracks on the album and is worth a listen.

I Need Mo’

This has got to be one of the catchiest solo tracks Shy Glizzy has on Fully Loaded. On this track Shy talks about needing more of everything he already possesses in terms of money and women. Shy Glizzy’s flow and melodic sound is often appealing, however, it is always his hooks that seem to be the most memorable and it is no different in this track. This is a track that certainly deserves a listen or two.


It is amazing that Shy can all these wonderful artists on his tracks but it is his solo tracks that really stand out. Shy Glizzy has ended 2018 on a high with a debut album that may go under radar but most certainly deserves a mention due to the nice sounding beats and melodic flow that it provides. Therefore, this album gets a 7.5/10.

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