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Biggest Comebacks Of 2019

Cardi B

We are more than excited for the new music in 2019. We hear through the grapevine that various artists will be releasing bodies of work in 2019, some may even come as a shock. This year we look forward to Cardi B dropping her second studio album. Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” created a buzz in 2018 demanding everyone’s attention. The singles such as “Bodak Yellow”, “Bartier Cardi” and “I Like It” made listeners realise the talented rapper was not just a reality star but, a force to be reckoned with. To have a second album on the way after such a busy and successful year shows the dedication and commitment. If 2019 is as great as 2018 then we are in for a treat.


Future released two bodies of work in 2017 which were “Future” and “Hndrxx”. However, Future is not known to take a break even though he didn’t drop any albums in 2018 he released two mixtapes “Beast Mode 2” and “Wrld on Drugs”. Future is back this year with another album which was released today titled 'Wizrd'. The rapper is certainly fuelling up for the year ahead as he will be joining Nicki Minaj on a joint tour called “NickiHndrxx”.

J Hus

This will be an exhilarating year for this rapper! After dropping his first and only album this proved to fans and listeners that he is one of the best UK artists. We can see the love and respect J Hus has gained, after being sentenced in December 2018, many have spoken out asking to “FREE HUS”. However, we are more than excited to know that J Hus is working on his second album. We are all waiting at the edge of our seats for this second album after dropping the EP “Big Spang” which included the summer hit “Dark Vadar” we are all ready for another J Hus album.


After the longest wait, we can now fortunately say that this year we can expect another album from RiRi. After releasing her album “Anti” in 2016 many have been hoping that Rihanna would drop another body of work soon after. As fans we miss her sound which incorporates many genres including RnB, Pop and Reggae. After conquering the Beauty and Fashion market it seems like she is ready to put out the music we have all been waiting for. Rihanna confirmed that her ninth album will be in fact a reggae album, it seems this new body of work will take Rihanna back to her Caribbean roots. This could be one of the best years for Rihanna!


The singer-songwriter Solange is not normally in the spotlight however, her last body of work created a storm. The album “A Seat at the Table” celebrated black culture and empowered black women. This album combined soul, funk and R&B together to help manifest the meaning and ideas behind this album. This album was relevant! We wonder what direction Solange will take this next album. We are ready for the soft, soulful melodies and unconventional rhythms generated through her sound. Solange is an artist to watch this year!

Childish Gambino

We can also expect an album from Childish Gambino. It seems like everything is looking up for Childish Gambino he is headlining Coachella 2019 and staring in the upcoming Lion King film. After dropping one of the biggest songs of the year 2018 “This is America”, we forget that the last album Childish Gambino released was in 2016. Childish Gambino’s music is not only catchy but tends to also carry some deep thoughts on current topics today. He is mostly definitely an all-round entertainer, we look forward to hearing his album in 2019.

Comment below the artists you think will be making a big comeback this year.

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