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Khalik - Jiggy

Rising Rap/Soul artist Khalik is preparing to release a new project and he begins this process of by releasing a taster via his latest song 'Jiggy'. Khalik, formerly known as Rizwan, is developing his song and this has come with many changes to his aesthetic and even his name. Khalik gives his listeners a smooth and lyrically potent record with beautiful piano cords acting as an introduction.

Jiggy has a mysterious sound with an interesting feeling of vengeance and confidence from the lyrics to his tone on this song. Khalik speaks to being a calm and collected individual from an early stage, warning any opposition of the things that can happen if he is ever crossed. the verses are very strong technically and has the potential to be played on loop with no bother.

The simple but strong hook is an anchor for this song and ties the verse together in a very seamless manor, an excellent structure that allows such a word play heavy song sound very digestible and allows the song to have a considerable amount of replay value.

Khalik is due to release multiple songs before his single and we believe Jiggy is a great and ominous start of what is yet to come. We can definitely hear a development in his sound from his releases many months ago such as 'Prototype and 'Focus'

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