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Last Day of Summer - Summer Walker

Summer Walker, the R&B songstress from Atlanta has been making a name for herself recently within R&B. Walker’s smooth, sultry tone is re-defining music, soothing lost emotions and settling your mind into an intimate space. Walker’s hit single Girls Need Love and Session 32 sent R&B fanatics wild. With the release of her debut album, Last Day of Summer here she showcases her use of lyricism and transparency through touching on topics such as womanhood layered under smooth, dark beats.

Summer isn’t afraid to show vulnerability through her lyrics, one track in particular Shame where Summer discusses insecurities within relationships in which people may second guess there own worth. Walker touches base lyrically on what everyone thinks daily, making her music accustomed for anyone. Mesmerising people with her sultry tones, Summer is only set to grow further.

Listen and comment below

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