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TAI3OO: Act 3 (Dark) - Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry has been making his rounds in the underground rap scene since his debut project 'Nostalgia Ultra released in 2013. His his breakthrough into the rap circuit he has undoubtedly been one of the most consistent artists in the game, a fusion between old and new in the sense of being able to be a lyrical wordsmith while having the energy to shutdown a show with the livest energy. His project Imperial released in 2015 raised his notoriety within the industry a great amount and provided the anticipation for his follow up project'13' and now 'TAI3OO'.

TAI3OO is a the third part of Denzel Curry's 13 track album. The 1st and 2nd part were released prior and featured songs fans and new comers have gravitated to such as 'Clout Cobain' and 'Sumo', a screamo high energy banger that Denzel Curry is very well recognised for. The 3 part concept comes from Curry aiming to make this project feel like a theatre production. part 1 is to be a reflection of light, a melodic and more somber sound that Denzel usually finishes his projects with. Part 2 is represents a Grey area and part 3, Dark.

The features on this project incluse acts such as NYYJERIA, Twelve'len, a frequent collaborato, Goldlnk & Dreamville/Atlanta rapper J.I.D. producer credits include talents such as M-Sol & Finatik N Zac. His ability to relay a message while giving his listeners something to furiously bump thier heads to his his weapon to break into the mainstream and we believe TAI3OO is phase 3 of that master-plan.

Listen to the album and comment below!

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