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Stream Summer Pack by Childish Gambino

With the multiple creative disciplines that Childish Gambino taps into, he is definitely one of our favourite creatives in the industry and after a block buster movie role as Lando in Star Wars spin off 'Solo' and a monumental culture shift with his 'This is america video (Reviewed by Shawn Cee on New Wave Magazine Issue V) Childish Gambino is musically back with less political themes fit for the summer mood yet keeping his artistic versatility at the forefront of the culture.

This 2 track EP consists of the records 'Summertime Magic' and 'Feel Like summer'. These Pop infused songs have a vibrant bounce due to set the tone for the hottest months of the year. 'Summertime Magic' feels like a slow burst of good energy and rich colour in the sounds as Gambino croons about his love interest, expressing how bright she is to him and how she comes before everyone else.

'Feel Like Summer' carries a similar tempo to the previous record as Gambino sings about his surroundings and how it all makes him feel like its that time of the year, This record is a title more soulful and smooth as Gambino flexes his vocals bringing forth a slow burn of vitality.

Listen to the records below and let us know what you think in the comments.

#childishgambino #music #pop #soul #summer

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