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Wavey 001: Maison2500

The 'Wavey' series on New Wave Mag is your destination for new sounds from the underground/up and coming scenes across the globe. As we take our journey through the sounds of new and talented artists, we are your official plug for whats hot and due to rise though the music industry in due time.

The first Installation of 'Wavey' is dedicated to the American/Nigerian rapper Maison2500, based currently in London, England. 2500 is his enterprise and he is gearing up to take his presence within the music industry to a new level. His most notable song solo song is the record 'Plan', a song that encompasses a laid back trap sound with a heavy clap, a simple melody and a strong presence of high hats in the instrumental. Maison2500 on this song has a very laid-back approach as he raps about his back and forth arguments with a love interest, almost as though he has been though it before and just going through the motion, he later comes to the realisation that she will never understand his lifestyle. This record has garnered over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Other notable records include Icy by Santi ,which he is featured on and stands as his first music video appearance, 'Balance and multiple records with close collaborator New Word Ray. 2500 has a distinct sound within the music landscape although the subject matter of his record are mostly topics that have been tackled by various artist. His creativity within his sound and his beat selection are his strong points and he is an artist that can set the mood in various settings

Maison2500, after a slew of releases on soundcloud has released his debut full length album called 'Generation XXX' on all streaming services. This is a 13 track project that showcases the lane in which Maison2500 seems to occupy within the game, which is the artistic and experimental 'Chill Trap' space in my humble opinion. Some elements of his music have a sense of artists like early Kid Cudi and Playboi Carti as inspirations, the fast that those artists are so different shows you how interesting Maison2500 is as an artist. Listen to the project below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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