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Little Lies by ODIE

Odie is a Toronto born native to Nigerian parents before moving to the West Coast when he was 12. Now 21, his perspective of the world has pushed him to create soothing and reflective music that permeates the soul.

Odie's catalogue is largely restricted to the past 12 months. He rewards his ability to create enchanting and melodies ,that feel like a breeze on the sea shore from waves rising and falling, to four years of practice. His practise is on its way to becoming perfect as "Little Lies," his 2018 release is a polished sound that vibrantly exhibits his musical talent and vocal ability.

His inspirations include Usher, Michael Jackson, Kid Cudi and the Afro beat legend Fela Kuti. Despite being a diverse artist Odie share a similar low-end vocal quality and soothing feel to the likes of Daniel Caesar on Little lies. Check out the single below.

#music #odie #rnb #canada

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