• Daniella Francis

11:11 Offers Sultry New Single “Treat”

The singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto, Canada unveils his new single “Treat”.

“I started as a producer and never gave much thought to being a performer. One night I laid down some vocals as a reference on one of the beats I made and realised my voice had potential. Since then I’ve taught myself about harmonies and vocal range…a lot of practice and years later, here I am”

- 11:11

With his prestigious vocal ability, 11:11 decorates “Treat” with riffs, harmonies, adlibs, and smooth tones as he sings about treating and serenading his love-interest. The single offers a chilled and soothing vibe, which you can’t help but sway to the rhythmic sound waves created by 11:11. 11:11 mentions “I’m influenced by what’s around me, the people, the energy, you know… just the vibe…that’s why I think people can really relate to the music I make”.

“Treat” is sweet like honey to our ears, and we hope to hear more melodious and soulful vibrations from 11:11 soon! Check out 11:11’s new single “Treat” below!

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