Rhiannon Davies is a London-based multifaceted artist, who recently graduated from Central Saint Martins studying BA Fashion (Hons): Fashion Knitwear. Davies has reimagined her graduate collection, fusing fashion and music to create an innovative entertainment experience, while simultaneously elevating her designs and storytelling. Her most recent song ‘Rider’ and accompanying lookbook, involves a personal exploration of Welsh folklore and Celtic mythology. Davies has dedicated her collection of stage looks to the origins of her first name ‘Rhiannon’, a celebrated Celtic deity often depicted astride a white horse, luring people in with her mystical singing and serenading them to either life or death. Davies was also compelled to highlight the issue of society’s unrealistic idea of physical beauty, and the notion that love is based on shape as opposed to the soul. ‘I often look towards how Western society worships a certain type of body and perceive this as a goddess-like figure,’ Davies explains. The young designer has constructed more looks especially for ‘Rider’ which explore this contrived ideal body shape, by deconstructing an old horse saddle and transforming it into a corset, as well as incorporating enlarged posture correctors and neck braces. Davies has also adopted this sustainable approach by repurposing synthetic hair and bandages, imbuing a new sense of life into materials that once were forgotten. Davies is determined to establish these themes as her unique brand identity, and continue to combine fashion with audio in future projects.


Words by Sophia Ford-Palmer

Model: Rhiannon Davies herself 

Photographer: Darius Kanuga @darius.kanuga

Stylist: David Kobe @david__kobe


Footwear Designer: Guillem Turro Casanovas @guillemturrocasanovas