Founder & Designer - Kehinde Martins

Creative Director - Brenda Bokoe

Photography - James O'Doherty

Stylist - Felicia Brown

Set Design & Creative Direction - Lauretta Afful

MUA - Arike Aristry

Hairstylist - Magalie

Assistant - Karin Safira

Models - Mo Ibrahim & Raihanna Thompson

Shoes - By Dose

Jewellery - Alighieri

Words by Anisah Myers-Grey

A New and upcoming fashion brand TOFE was founded by womenswear designer Kehinde Martins. TOFE pronounced as [TUH-FAY] strives to represent various styles and rare pieces that evoke a sense of boldness and confidence when worn. Providing a timeless and affordable wardrobe, for a woman with an edge.​


The EWA collection is their latest addition, created with a Lagosian fabric crafted with lycra and elastane with a hint of shimmer. The use of the fabric Lycra provides a hint of shimmer that compliments the body and ensures each piece is figure-hugging while promoting comfortability, alongside a luxurious, thick and stretchy feel. The EWA collection offers an effortless, sensual cut accentuating a modern silhouette with the choice of a beautiful fuchsia pink palette. Kehinde Martins states that she desired to achieve:


“A more youthful sexy look, focusing on creating asymmetrical lines and circles all over the pieces, while also maintaining support for women that were larger chested or maybe didn’t want to show so much skin unlike my other pieces.”


Ewaoluwa meaning ‘Beauty of God’ or ‘Beauty is enough’ is a clear reflection of the EWA collection. Every piece is made with detail and precision to ensure a confident lady wears the EWA collection and feels like a Queen. They have produced a Nigerian aesthetic, as it was described the photoshoot was inspired by “Lagosian vibe”, linking to the idea of why Kehinde Martins decided to choose only Nigerian names for her collection. 


Each piece has significant meaning behind them as it is a representation of the beauty each style carries. 


Listed below are the names of her pieces with their definitions:


Jumpsuit - ISE (Work of God) 

Dress - YEMI (I am deserving of success/wealth/nobility)

Top 1 - SIMI (Relax in Wealth)

Top 2 - SEWA (The Crown Makes Beauty)

Skirt - TITI (Eternal Happiness) 


Ultimately, wearing the EWA collection is the true definition to feeling like a Queen. TOFE continues to create a flawless aesthetic for women who adore styling and make the piece their own.


To see more styles, check out TOFE'S Instagram