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Sponsored by Steelo Style & Fashion Crossover London

Creative Director - Derrick Odafi

Photographer - Aaron Watson-Mcnab

Stylists - Joy Craig, Arifa Kabir, Skylar Hamilton, Derrick Odafi

Models - Duvonate, Ozie, Trisha, Owen, Zavier, Fauza

Project Managers - Blaize "Fire" Brooke, Matilda Sandi, Joy Craig

Produced by New Wave Studios

Special thanks to Lashh x Greatness Dex

The New East Festival is an event curated by our parent company New Wave Studios in collaboration with One Room Live. For this festival we aimed to tie the knot of various creative outlets and giving them a space to blossom and be represented. One of our key activities at this event was our collaboration with Styling appication and community lead platform Steelo Style and representative of many budding young designers in London, Fashion Crossover London. We selected a few peieces for Menswear and Womenswear respectfully to showcase the amazing pieces on offer at both platforms. Stylists Skylar Hamilton and Arifa also collaborated with us to style a few models for this showcase/editorial.

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