Featuring - Tomi Agape

Words by Demi Vanessa

Photographer: Melody Berkery

Stylist: Jermaine Robinson

Hair: Shamara Roper

Make Up: Lulu Dineo

Stylist Assistant: Joy Appiah 

Singer-songwriter Tomi Agapè is a UK based Afro-fusion artist, who after releasing several singles and her first project in 2020, has made an evolutionary mark as an up-and-coming new addition to the Nigerian music scene and the ever growing UK music industry.


Her distinctive sound, unapologetic style and sultry voice have made her a standout musician in her own lane, landing her opportunities to work with the likes of producers such as Juls and Nigerian based producers Spax, Le Mav & Genio. An avid versatile performer, Tomi Agapè is always going against the grain and has displayed her forward thinking approach towards her sound by playing at 'The Afropunk Festival', 'SXSW' and various other London based shows. Tomi's distinct sound and style define her as an artist who is unwilling to shrink herself to anyone's standards or expectations. In this Q&A, Tomi and I discussed the importance of individual style, how her culture has impacted her fashion taste and much more!

Tomi Agape is known for having a distinctive yet versatile style in the industry. She uses her fashion sense to tell a story in music videos by going with the mood of the song and the vibe of the treatment. In our conversation with the stylish songstress, she says "It's important for my outfits to match the aesthetic of the visuals we create."


Owning a signature style and having a strong fashion presence has become key in the music industry as of late. Tomi thinks that it's essential to know what looks good on you and know yourself. Everyone has their own aesthetic and she believes that if you put too much thought into it, it becomes slightly unauthentic. Her thoughts on the crossover of artists creating their own fashion labels or dipping into the fashion industry are of joy and high prospects, she says "I think it's SICK. I love fashion, I love clothes, I love shoes and jewellery... I love accessories. I hope to start a shoe line one day. That's one of my goals much further down the line."

When asked If she could create her own fashion label, the name and the ‘message’ of her potential  clothing line, she hesitated to give a name for an element of surprise when it does come to fruition. She goes on to explain "I'd want the message to be owning your style. Being co