Photographer - Chris Fergusson

Art Director - Stella Hadjidemetriou

Stylist - Angharad Merrey

MUA - Andrea Gomes Anzola

Gaffer - Norbert Strehle

Lighting - Izadora Dau

Location - Tom & Charlotte @brydiehouse

Models - Amandine Forest & T-Allen  

Broadly speaking, I wanted these images to reflect how we shapeshift our way through life. Fragments of experiences we don’t discard along the way we carry with us, while adapting ourselves to the worlds we inhabit. They reflect on us, as we do back on them.


At the end of a year lacking in creative opportunities, the idea of this project was to put together a wonderfully talented crew and give them as much freedom as possible to do what they felt was right and worked within the space, hopefully allowing everyone to feel a high level of agency on the final images.


Last year I think we all talked about time in a new way. Often, it seemed, with a new appreciation.  A lyric on an old Ben Howard album stuck with me "Only time is ours" he sang "the rest, we'll just wait and see."