Creative Director - Derrick Odafi

Photographer - Diego Chacon Martinez

Videography - Derrick Odafi & Bijoux Chima

Clothes - The Ugliest

Models - J Hus

Produced by New Wave Studios

Special thanks to Phidel Samples

J Hus is an enigmatic figure in the world of music and now fashion. Since the launch of his clothing label The Ugliest in March of 2020, Hus as made a considerable impact in the fashion Landscape, especially in the UK, with a line randing from Pyjamas to Long coats. J Hus is able to express his personality and duality through clothing and design at prices ranging from £15 to £800 depending on the article you choose to purchase.

As winter is upon us, J Hus collaborated with New Wave on an editorial to showcase his 'The Militerians' puffer jackets and his 'This Smoke Ain't A Joke' T-Shirt. In true J Hus fashion - he was as militant as they come, fully dressed in the garment on site ready to shoot and on his way swiftly after. The concept of this shoot was to showcase J Hus and his garments as a solitary figure in a broken down and destroyed location, reminiscent of a war zone. Our In-house photographer was able to capture J Hus's focused personality and quality garments in medium format photography as J Hus sported his line. The private location provided us with our desired aesthetic on a cloudy day which adds a unique tone to the final product.

The bomber jacket, named 'The Black Wizard', retails at £800 and is a full length black patented bomber jacket, with detachable hood and cushioned material. A vibrant blue butterfly embroidered on the front of the jacket and stitched writing and design across the back. This Jacket is a perfect example of the duality that J Hus exhibits through his clothing with the butterfly on the left chest of the bomber and a firearm at the back. The jacket also has some quality detailing on the interior of what seems to be bouquets of flowers.

J Hus also modelled the 'This Smoke Aint A Joke' from the Jamba Boyz line of the brand. The UK rap superstar is known for his love for gorillas and this is in full display on this line. The specially developed Black Gorilla print Tee is elaborately designed via water based printing on structured neoprene fabric to produce the highest resolution quality available in the garment industry. The black oversized, round neck Tee retails at £200.

To purchase these garments or others in the line, visit theugliest.net