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Designer - Lois Sarkodie 

Creative Director & Styling - Lois Sarkodie 

Models - Lois Sarkodie,  Ketia Efete & Lamar Jennings McKenzie.

Photographer - Hozir Sahdat

MUA- Joyce Tandundu 

Hair Stylist - Ruth Shevine 

Words by: Didi Yohannese

JAQKODÍ is the next emerging luxury fashion-art house based in London, founded by the visionary designer Lois Sarkodie. The up-and-coming brand represents the statement ‘no clothes should have gender’ as garments must resemble the spirit, not the sex of a person. A ground-breaking thought and perspective to fashion to champion inclusivity. 


AW21 collection titled ENIMGA defined as a concept that is mysterious and difficult to comprehend, greatly illustrates the journey of this collection. In contrast from the han