Designer - Aissata Ibrahima

Creative Direction & Styling - Rhona Ezuma

Photographer - Silvia Draz

MUA - Christiana Amankrah

Hair - Danielle Igor

Videographer - Khevyn Ibrahim

Models - Sienna King & Akuac Thiep 

For Aissata Ibrahima's AW21 Collection, the talented designer introduces a dramatic ruffle story, with standout pieces including a theatrical colour block ruffle coat and cascading maxi ruffle skirt, layered over trousers. The ruffles deliver an energy of femininity and high glamour to the collection. However, these additions are done subtly to co-exist with the brands effortless and relaxed aesthetic. the tailoring in this collection is more related than those of the past, with looser shapes, conveying a timelier loungewear feel. The collection still manages to remain effortlessly dressy in high-quality fabrics, which in turn act as forever pieces.


"To Our Friends is a love letter to my friends and all the friends out there. Friendships are sacred. Your day ones, those you’ve met over the internet. New or old, anyone that we let into our lives on a friendship level is special and I wanted to celebrate that. I wanted this collection and campaign to spark some joy, add some colour to life."

To the friends we've known for decades

To the friends who met over love for each other's fire outfits

To the friends who met on Twitter over a mutual disdain of a crazy tweet

To the friends who pull you up when you're moving mad

To the friends who know when something is wrong without you having to say a word

To the friends who sit with you in comfortable silence

To the friends who know you've had a rough week and come over with a bottle

To the friends who listen to you rant about your love interest (only to go back and do

the things they said not to do)

To the friends who pray for us and speak grea