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VandersViii Gets Trippy With New Visuals for Track 'Go, and Fly'

Creative network TTY have released a visual for the track ‘Go, and Fly’ as part of the album Cry, but Go on Young Turks.

The album features a selection of artists who all possess unique sounds and talents under the name TTY who produce unique stories that feed through this records tone. Having met at a vital time when they all wanted to express themselves, they simultaneously sought the expression of music as their artistic release. Described as having an ‘echoing vulnerability’ that all the contributors commonly express, Cry, but Go is a partly neo-soul, guitar-infused and UK alternative Hip-Hop album that not only shows exposes the artists’ thoughts and feelings but also highlights concepts they might have once hidden to avoid contempt.

In light of the debut visuals for the track ‘Go, and Fly’, it features an animated twist that alters reality in an anime infused aesthetic that pours and splatters through the live action part of it all. Written, produced and with vocals by contributor VandersViii, we got to find out his thought processes behind the first visual associated with the album release and in general, a little bit more about this artist in particular who really wanted to blow the one and only visual from the album out of the water.

Hailing from North West London, multifaceted artist VandersViii first started creating and experimenting with music from a young age. Going on to explore sound and working with film directors on soundtracks, this paved the way for him to eventually produce and write his own music and share creative moments with TTY.

Previously we have seen releases of a selection of EP’s and albums such as their 2014 album Back To School; an alternative selection of songs that accompany its newer, shinier sibling Cry, but Go.

When talking about the video for ‘Go, and Fly’ not only was the visual remarkably shot and edited but features picturesque moments that are brought to life through the use of animation. VandersViii having previously been inspired by visual content on Young Turks, he was sure of himself that this was the type of content he loved, which pushed him and gave him the drive to develop something himself. With help from filmmaker Sonni Rossi and animator Shuna Luo, they wanted to create a “Captain Murphy meets L$D by A$AP Rocky” visual aesthetic.

Whilst having already shot a large proportion already, Shuna was ready to get to work and in the words of VandersViii himself “The end product definitely exceeded my expectations”. Drawing incentives from cyber punk, infused with Basquiat and Japanese anime, Shuna wanted to take VandersViii and turn him into a virtual idol that comes to life through the film.

In terms of the video process, Sonni adds that from the start of the project up to now, he laughs at how the vision completely changed. Was it fate to have something completely transformed from the initial idea? From having this idealistic concept that slowly got twisted and reshaped, died and reborn, the final shot is somewhat disjointed from the rest of the video. In a way it fits in with the flow of unanticipated eccentric visuals that fall before it.

With scenic moments of lying in flowers or sitting on top of cars, locations came about through simply exploring in and around city. VandersViii and Sonni occasionally stumbled across most of the locations shown in the visual from just from being out and about. But some places were found through strolling through a field or walking through Haggerston. With Sonni, he believes that having a camera can sometimes be a magical asset to finding locations. Being able to be lead into places you wouldn’t usually consider delving into because you’re always looking for something that possesses a little more. Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're not, but in this case, the trio think they did a substantial job.

With talks of a debut solo project that should be on the way, VandersViii continues his artistic journey in producing and creating. We’re keeping an eye on this artist for the rest of 2020.

Check out the video right here!

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