• Daniella Francis

Summer feels with Amelia Monet's new single "Bumper" featuring Br3nya!

Yesterday, Amelia Monet released her new single featuring Br3nya and we find ourselves reminiscing over summer. Amelia's previous single "Baddest" featuring EO gained millions of views on Youtube which created a buzz for the songstress. The catchy hooks coupled with warm tones seems like the recipe for success for Amelia. The single was also released with alluring visuals which we seen both Amelia and Br3nya livin' it up overseas in bikinis, roaming around beaches and executing hot girl summer! The up and coming rapper Br3nya who has also created a buzz with her latest single "Double Dutch", combines her sass, lyrical ability and catchy flows on "Bumper". The collaboration between the two artists show female empowerment in the UK music scene and that we love to see!

We look forward for future projects from both Amelia Monet and Br3nya! Check out the new single and visuals below and comment what you think!

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