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Sample Sessions: Summer Walker - Life On Earth EP

Sam-ple Sess-i-on

1. Noun

No stops. No skips. A one-take review.

Summer Walker releases her new EP Life On Earth. This is her first project release since the phenomenal success of her debut album 'Over It' . With popular releases of "Girls Need Love" and "Playing Games", the singer jumped to mainstream success with remixes featuring Drake and Bryson Tiller. Summer Walker brings the classic R'n'B vibe to her music, cultivating songs that will put you in your feels. With only five songs, I didn't know what to expect but as the rules go, no stops, no skips and only one listen.

1. Let It Go

Lyrical content: 9

Production: 9

Delivery: 9

Let it go sets the tone for the rest of the album. Immediately we know that this EP is going to take us on journey of contemplation and healing. The beginning of the guitar solo gives the song a nostalgic feel, creating a smooth ambience for the track. Lyrically, Summer shares the lows of break ups, seeing someone you love change in front of you and learning to let go. The production is perfect for this type of song as the simplicity of the beat allows Summer's lyrics take centre stage.

Highlights: Good lyrical moments & production of the guitar.

Low lights: At times can be repetitive

Overall score: 9

2. SWV (With NO1-NOAH)

Lyrical content: 8.5

Production: 8

Delivery: 9

SWV is a song dedicated to the R&B trio of the 90s. Within the song she references some of their hit singles such as 'Weak' & 'Rain'. This is one of the first collaborations with the independent singer NO1-NOAH as he returns again at the end. The track offers Walker's subtle and melodic tone, combined with NO1's sensual and masculine touch its provides a nice contrast.

Highlights: Lyrics and production

Low lights: Slightly auto-tuned

Overal score: 8.5

3. My Affection (With PARTYNEXTDOOR)

Lyrical content: 8

Production: 7.5

Delivery: 8

Offering the second collaboration of the project, we see Walker and PND team up. The song focuses on how each artist has grown and the individual glow ups, the track allows PND and Summer bouncing off each other, giving a playful sound. The fusion of PND and Walker offer a rhythmic nature of Hip Hop, creating a similar sound to what PND creates on his tracks. It's a good track and adds something different to the EP.

Highlights: More upbeat compared to other tracks

Low lights: Lyrically could be better

Overall score: 7.8

4. White Tee (With NO1 - NOAH)

Lyrical content: 9

Production: 8

Delivery: 9

NO1 returns for the penultimate track and this time around he kicks off the production and we eagerly await Summer's verse later on in the track. Again they both compliment each other, but the track gives a completely different sound to their first one, as Summer gives us more of a rap vibe. Lyrically, they are a stronger pairing on this track more so than SWV as their individual verses bounce off each other with more ease.

Highlights: Summer's different style e.g. rap

Low lights: Lyrically could be stronger

Overall score: 8.6

5. Deeper

Lyrical content: 9

Production: 8.5

Delivery: 8

Last but not least is the final track of the EP. The emotive song delves into Summer's thoughts on going deeper in love, stopping with the games and putting in the effort to make it work. Her smooth vocals are once again accompanied by an acoustic guitar over a subtle percussion production adding a nice touch bringing a similar vibe from 'Let It Go'. The final track shows the journey that Summer has been on and gives the project the ending it needs.

Highlights: The simplicity of the production

Low lights: -

Overall score:8.5

Overall 'Life On Earth' is an R&B lovers dream. On the first listen it really takes you on a journey, there are some tracks that gives you the feeling of wanting more and at times it feels we're missing the strong songwriting from Summer that we know she can produce. Artistically, the project shows who Summer is as she again provides us with contemporary R&B sounds and continues to win us over with her raw insight into love, breakups and finding yourself. This project will no doubt have plenty of replay value and will continue to age well.

Overall score: 8.5

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