• Sophia Hill

Playboi Carti Runs Riot In New Music Video for 'Sky'

Carti’s new video for “Sky", which appears on his latest album, Whole Lotta Red, welcomes us into his world through green-tinted glasses. Not rose, green.

Set in a supermarket, Carti’s new video directed by Nick Walker presents the musical innovator wreaking havoc along with a posse of punks – creating chaos by turning the place upside down, emptying shelves and knocking products to the ground. There’s a liberating sensation just to watch this video, and what better way to set the tone for a punk movement but to inspire a sense of release.

Whole Lotta Red, which came out last December, showed Carti’s punk side as he delved further into new territories, experimenting with fresh sounds. The overall takeaway from the album remained true to Carti, it was ahead of its time. “Sky” is the 19th track on the hour-long project and has proved to be one of the most popular; filled with Cartiesque ad-libs, the song takes us on a substance fuelled trip over a synthy beat.

Don’t forget Carti’s sound is often thought of as too abstract upon initial release, but give it a couple of years and everyone is trying to emulate it. As pointed out by Carti himself in a recent interview with Rolling Stone “That’s just part of creating something new. If this is something that people won’t accept right away, how different is it?”.

It seems like this won’t be the only appearance in 2021 from the ATL rapper – in a recent post to instagram he wrote “LeTs dr0p thiS new Album . w3 noT done .”

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