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Playboi Carti Delivers Long Awaited Album 'Whole Lotta Red'

Playboi Carti is an artist that claims an interesting space in the music landscape, although he has not released a full-length project since 2018, Carti has been able to grow his fandom through his relentless fanbase while also touching the mainstream with a plethora of guest features on projects by Tyler The Creator, Solange and Drake most recently. Playboi Carti's catalogue up until 'Whole Lotta Red' has been recognised as distinct listens with a mix of his native Atlanta influences, trap rap, alongside experimental sounds by frequent collaborator Pierre Bourne. Both 'Self Titled' and 'Die Lit' have been soundtracks to many summers riddled with moshpits and fast-paced living, creating the perfect storm for this new release.

The release of Whole Lotta Red has not come without its setbacks, in 2019 and early this year - Playboi Carti's leaked music flooded the internet, actually increased the anticipation for the project, with unofficial releases such as Cancun, Kid Cudi, and Spaceship to name a few. These leaks would have not only delayed the album but may have changed the sound of the new album. During this period, Carti was experimenting with a new sound which many described as the 'baby voice', which is the slightly inaudible and high pitched rapping developed by Carti himself - this style has been a very noticeable change from his more conventional trap rap sound from previous years. This style has also been adopted by many artists in the music industry, which speaks to Cati's influence regardless of being one of the most enigmatic acts in the industry. On the run-up to this Christmas day release of 'Whole Lotta Red', Carti took to his social media platforms to preview some music that would be featured on the project and also announcing that Kanye West will be the executive producer of the project and Alyx/Givenchy Matthew Williams will be the projects Art Director.

These announcements undoubtedly increased the anticipation for the project and steadied a ship that almost went off course - especially in the minds of a majority of the Atlanta Rapper's fan base. After the release of The debut single of the project 'Meh,' the song and video were met with a lackluster response which many have also resulted in Carti going back to the drawing board. The single featured the Carti 'baby voice' sound that had been part of his aesthetic for a while at that point, the bouncy early 2000s videogame inspired instrumental was okay but not enough coming off the rave reviews of his prior projects and expectations from leaks.

Whole Lotta Red is a 24 song project that begins with the brash song 'Rockstar Made' which seems to be a new sonic development form Carti, which also makes an appearance of a few other tracks. The production on the project by Jonah Abraham, Art Dealer F1lthy, and many more live up to the hype - from the drum patterns to the lead melodies, Carti's beat selection shows why he is one of the most intriguing artists in Hip-hop as be continues to colour outside the lines. Carti's lyrical performance is very simplistic as expected but his charisma is showcased through the use of his voice and adlibs. Carti does take the time to speak on his personality traits, his relationship with women and drugs, and what he aims to do with his music, which is to write poems and not rap. Oh, Carti is rocking Givenchy too.

Playboi Carti For Givenchy SS21

The coveted collaboration between Carti and Pierre Bourne shows up on the song 'Place'. That sound carries on to close out the project with the spaced-out / arcade-inspired sonics and Carti gives his fans more of what they are accustomed to with smooth spaced out raps riddled with adlibs. In the song 'Over', Carti speaks on his trust issues and skepticism with the truth in what other rappers speak about in their lyrics. On Die4Guy, Carti shouts out his brother and speaks on how he wanted to be just like him at 15, as his brother was living the street life that was so attractive to him at that age. A ride or die anthem near the end of the eventful listen featuring artists such as Kanye West, funniest verse of the year by the way, and Future and Kid Cudi.

Listen to the full album below!

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