• Laura Khamis

Meet The UK Rap Scene's Newest Arrival, KAY2B.

As an influx of artists continue to start their journeys into the music industry, breaking through and remaining distinct becomes more of a challenge. However, with an energetic entrance to the scene, 21-year old artist KAY2B sets himself ahead from the rest. The release of his latest and first track ‘Paul Pogba’ reached 100,000 views within the first 24 hours as he created some excitement before it‘s release with a triller preview of the track. The twitter post collected thousands of views with many listeners who were ready to hear what the South-East London artist could bring to the table.

With a jumpy Drill flow and catchy chorus that has caught everyone’s attention, I sat down with KAY2B on a Zoom call to hear more about where he aims to take his sound, the making of ‘Paul Pogba’, and his future as an artist.

1. As a new, emerging artist, what inspired you to begin your journey into music?

I’m trying to bring a new sound in. Everyone’s counting off the same sounds right now, especially in Drill. I like different sounds, instruments and I want to bring something that no one has heard of and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

2. Tell me about your background before music and anything you’d like your listeners to know about your story?

Before music, I was a uni student. I’m still at uni studying Psychology.

3. With your first ever release reaching a milestone of 100,000 views in [time period], tell me more about how you put the track together and any inspirations behind it? (sound wise and of course, the flow etc.)

The day before Christmas it was my friend’s birthday and a friend of mine sent me an instrumental and I already had a chorus that I was ready to use. So now I just tried to fit the chorus into the beat as I wasn’t too sure of what beat I wanted to use and recorded it in January as my first song. From there, I sent it to other people and maybe because of the recording, people were a bit half-hearted. But when I then made it into a little triller, everyone was like ‘This is hard! I want to be a barbie with sex appeal now!’

The chorus itself and the lyrics are just a reflection of my personality. I feel like I’m quite bubbly and a bit cheeky so everyone gets to see the real me. I tried to keep it as real as possible so people can understand that this is me and what I’m like.

4. I have to ask about Manchester Utd and why this specific team featured in the track. I’m going to guess you’re a Man U fan?

Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I be? All the way! Every other team out there? Useless. We’re a bit shaky right now, they’re giving man heart attacks but I’m still here. Only the real ones ride hard.

5. So, the big question has to be about your signing with Relentless if I’m right in saying so?

You could say that. We’re just working together. They heard my song and liked it so they contacted me so we could work together. We more or less put the song out together.

6. At such an early stage in your career, in what direction do you plan to take your music?

I feel like right now you can label me as a drill artist but what I am trying to do, like I said, goes into different sounds. I want to stay versatile. I’m not trying to just say as a Drill artist. It will be part of my journey because that’s how I’m starting but as time goes on, I’ll let go of it because of the new sounds I wish to work with. Eventually I’ll just be labelled a rapper.

7. What more do you have in store for us as a fresh face to the scene?

All I can say is that we’re working. You’ll definitely see something soon.

Stream Paul Pogba here.

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