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Meet BRS KASH: The Talent Behind Viral Sensation "Throat Baby"

More inter-connective than ever before, we're living in unprecedented times where the power of social media surprises us everyday. Which subsequently has also given birth to many viral success stories, music blowing up overnight, creating life changing experiences for artists - one person well positioned to best talk on virality is BRS Kash.

Initially released back in 2019, 2020 saw Kash burst into the limelight with his fun, sensual single "Throat Baby". He laid down a symphonic hook and raunchy lyrics, making for an infectious that went onto receive Gold certification and take socials by storm. Signed to LVRN, the home to names like 6LACK, Summer Walker & more - fans have been eager to know more about him.

We caught up with the Atlanta bred musician to talk about his hit track and why there was more to it than met the eye as well as the release of his debut project Kash Only.

So talk to me a bit about yourself, what are 3 words you’d use to describe Kash, outside of the music?

Fun, adventurous, interesting.

You're in Miami right now but you're from Atlanta right - how was it growing up in Atlanta, do you feel like it shaped who you are today?

Yeah, of course; the environment that you’re in, experiences you go through, everything plays a part. Especially when it comes to becoming an artist, most artists like to tell their stories and I like to incorporate my story in a lot of my music. I like to incorporate a lot of real-life situations […] Atlanta definitely played a role in who I am today.

The label you’re signed to, Love Renaissance, that’s Atlanta-based and I know a lot of people on the label are from Atlanta. How did the signing come about and do you feel better in your journey having a label that’s in tune in where you’re from?

Being Atalanta based, that definitely made me want to sign to them. It came about because one of my homeboys were working for 6LACK, he was already in tune with them so they brought me in, had a sit down, had a listen to the music and they were interested in me as an artist and we took it from there.

Speaking of the music, how would you describe your musical style?

My musical style, I have a very Southern melodic flow, I like to stick to the Southern roots.

Talk to me about Throat Baby, it took off, did you see it taking off that much?

I didn’t really know that it’d be doing what it’s doing today. I didn’t really want to put it out because I didn’t know how women would accept the record. Especially with me growing up in a household, full of girls and I just didn’t know but everybody accepted it with open hands, they embraced it.

I watched your Teanna Trump teaser video where she says the track was originally going to be called Go Baby, is there any truth behind that?

Go Baby, I did have a melody for it but like I mentioned, the song, I was hesitant about making it.

Do you feel like the success of the song and it’s virality, did it feel like overnight success or a build up?

it was definitely a build-up, before the city had shut down, we put in a lot of groundwork especially as far as the clubs. But that came to an end when Covid hit so we had to bring it online, it gradually started to build, it wasn’t something that happened fast.

So the remix, its fire, how did that come about. Did you have anyone in mind for the feature other than City Girls and DaBaby?

I had seen them playing the song on their Instagram, so I had my team reach out to their teams. The song came out good, both sides did their thang on the record, the chemistry that me and DaBaby had in the studio was crazy - that right there added the flame to the fire, City Girls got a hold of the record, they did their thing.

So the mixtape is coming out tomorrow, are you excited?

People don’t understand how excited I am, everyones been asking when they’re going to get some new music. Well ... the time is coming now! Kash Only, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, I had a lot of fun making this project, I put a lot of un into it, I want everyone to have fun enjoying this project, as much as I did making it.

It’s your debut project right - How did the name came about?

It's basically because everyone kept trying to categorise me as Throat Baby because that’s the only song that’s been out, but my name is not Throat Baby, its Kash, Kash Only, call me Kash.

I saw that it has 12 tracks, I feel like that’s the perfect amount for a mixtape. Where there a lot of songs that didn’t make the cut?

We had a hard time trying to narrow down the song list. But the way that I make music, I can put the songs on the next project, I’m already gearing up for the next project. I make timeless music so if it can’t make this project, it’ll make the next project. I’m gonna keep on working. But the fact that it was so hard for us to try and decipher what to put on there, was good within itself because it means I have THIS many good songs[...]I like to keep things short and simple, straight to the point and just gear up for the next one.

There are few features on the project, talk to me a bit about those - we’ve heard the Mulatto track, you guys worked well together.

So the only features I have on there is the Remix with DaBaby and The City Girls, "Kash App" with Mulatto, I love that record and then "Feel Better" featuring Toosii, and "Feel Better", it’s a different vibe[…] I like to make a lot of my songs out of inspiration, that particular day, I felt like I wanted to make somebody feel better so when I went to the studio I made a song about making a girl feel better, it a good vibe, Toosii did his thing. I’m singing a lil bit on there, mixing it in with the rapping, its definitely a vibe, it’s a slow song. Definitely a good song now that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Have your girl listen to it and tell her if you wanna make her feel better, "I’ll take you out the country, like what you wanna do".

My next question was gonna be do you have any songs for the ladies, I’m a fan of a hood love song. So is that one?


On the flipside, are there any singles for the club that the girls can twerk to?

At least a good five, "Shake" is one, "Do It" is one, "Dance On The D", "Kash App" and I think one more. Definitely something for the ladies to vibe on there. I got one for pain. I did a song on there called "Thug Cry" about my best friend that passed away. I pour my heart out, its gonna give people another feel and side of me. That whole situation impacted my life in a whole different way, that was my best friend.

You have a few different vibes on here - Did you do that consciously?

I constructed the project so people could see who BRS Kash really is and not just base me off one song. I wanted to show my full artistry[…]in terms of the track list, I did it how I wanted the vibe to go[…]it shows you who I am, what I can do.

2021, what else do you wanna do this year? If there was no Covid, the outside was open, best case scenario.

Tours, concerts, a lil bit of modelling because I started modelling. Fashion week, it would be amazing to be in fashion week. I’m really hands on with the entertainment, I act a little bit, I wouldn’t say I’m the best actor but I got a lil something something. I want to do any and everything, I want to be a music mogul. The sky's the limit, hopefully 2021, we can get back outside.

Check out our interview with BRS Kash via the New Wave Magazine YouTube page here. And stream Kash's debut mixtape Kash Only below.

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