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Jordan Stephens Is Back With His Honest And Emotionally Charged New Single ‘SON OF A GUN’

“The birth of a new society begins with the woman.”

Jordan Stephens is an artist whom impressively bridges the gap between musician, actor, writer and activist. Speaking with heavy conviction and knowledge on topics such as mental health, sex, love, empowerment and queerness, Jordan continues to evolve in the public eye as a genuine artist, both musically and in prose. Following on from his debut solo EP 'P.I.G' (Pain Is Good) the twenty-eight-year-old has shared his most recent conceptual and horror-film-inspired visual for new single 'SON OF A GUN'. Filmed during lockdown, the track explores the narrative of cycles of trauma in young men and their mothers all whilst blending element of Alt-Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop together. Featuring highly introspective and explorative lyrics, 'SON OF A GUN' is true to Jordan's penchant for insightful and relatable themes and concepts. A myriad of personal interests and musical inspiration the single is a further flawless display of the young artist's musical talent, dexterity and versatility.

A DIY one-shot self-directed video filmed via web in isolation, the visuals only add to the charm and idiosyncratic style of the song. The premise - inspired by a classic horror film scenario - sees Jordan dancing alone in his home in Margate whilst a masked intruder enters. Jordan has an idea of what the mask represents but wants this to remain open for interpretation. Check out the visuals to 'SON OF A GUN' below:

Mums got anger issues, I can feel it in my tissue

I wanna get it out, aint killed anyone

Can't be wishful, when you're the son of a loaded pistol

Son of a gun

Speaking on the ‘Son Of A Gun’, Jordan says:

“This phenomenon of the cycles of trauma in young men is not just exclusive to fatherlessness, the sentiment applies to stressed mothers, difficult pregnancies and more. Young boys in particular, then enter into a society that doesn’t necessarily provide an opportunity for them to break out of that emotional cycle ... The birth of a new society begins with the woman.”

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