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Birmingham Rapper Wohdee Reveals The Visuals To Her Uplifting Single ‘Vain’

‘Vain’ also marks her first single following a string of slick freestyle challenges that have pegged her as one to watch in the future.

‘Vain’ showcases the message of being unapologetically confident in yourself and who you are and not being sorry about it. It’s an uplifting message that also provides a feel-good listening experience against the dancehall inspired production of Sammysoso who’s also worked with the likes of Trillary Banks, Wizkid, JME and more. Wohdee bobs in and out of her spoken rap flow and smooth vocals which displays her confidence in her abilities, allowing her to bring a well rounded version of herself to the UK music scene.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Vain’, Wohdee shares: “The idea for ‘Vain’ came about when I was in the studio listening to the beat. I was puzzled on what to write about, so I asked my sister and she said to write about being vain (because I am). The ideas flew straight to my head after that, and making the song was quite easy. At first, I viewed it as fun and shallow, but now it’s more of an affirmation. Sometimes I have to remind myself of who I am, and the song reiterates it. I hope ‘Vain’ makes people feel good about themselves while listening to it. I want it to boost a lot of egos and gas a lot of heads”.

With a handful of attention-grabbing freestyles under her belt, Wohdee only began recording music during the first UK lockdown and ‘Vain’ is one of the tracks that she’s ready to present to the world. This is the beginning of Wohdee leaving a strong imprint on the UK music scene with more music lined up in the following months to come, stay tuned!

Watch the video to 'Vain' below:

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