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Qrate: From Online Store To Fashion Runway.

During Paris and London fashion week, we have experienced a number of runway shows from established brands within the industry, from Chanel to the Haute Couture Valentino Runway and many many more. usually these platforms have been reserved for well known institutions with an extensive amount of capital and may seem ambitious for others. In this day and age we have become a custom to the rise of street wear and its relevance within the fashion landscape. Usually the platform the youth experiences clothing on is passively online and on social media platforms, the access to runway shows are not always accessible to the average consumer.

Qrate, an online and events based retail store have recently presented a runway show stacked with various rising clothing brands that aim to make an impact within the landscape.Each brand exhibited their next A/W collection at the Old Library in Birmingham, UK. The Qrate fashion show is something we hope to see on a regular bases form the retail platform as they bring something new and inclusive to the fashion climate, not only selling clothing digitally but bringing the experience to its audience in a personal manor. The fashion show was a brilliant way of tapping into something that the fashion industry thrives on but with a unique injection of youth, inclusiveness and professionalism.

The brands featured in the runway show include; Aami Art by Bello, Berlin Banks, Fad x Styles, Maverick Mob, Mojo Kojo, New World Ray, Opaque Spectrum, PIECES*, Sammy States, Shade of Gray, Shakkar Shades, Silent Waves, Video Girl Inc, Wall Street Mafia, VINTAGE by QRate.

All of the listed brands have a distinct element that gives them a defined space within the fashion climate and the Qtate runway show 'curates' them all into a unique experience that gives the designers a taste of what it takes to create clothing at a high level. Below are a few shots from the showcase.

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