Designer - Lois Sarkodie 

Creative Director & Styling - Lois Sarkodie 

Models - Lois Sarkodie,  Ketia Efete & Lamar Jennings McKenzie.

Photographer - Hozir Sahdat

MUA- Joyce Tandundu 

Hair Stylist - Ruth Shevine 

Words by: Didi Yohannese

JAQKODÍ is the next emerging luxury fashion-art house based in London, founded by the visionary designer Lois Sarkodie. The up-and-coming brand represents the statement ‘no clothes should have gender’ as garments must resemble the spirit, not the sex of a person. A ground-breaking thought and perspective to fashion to champion inclusivity. 


AW21 collection titled ENIMGA defined as a concept that is mysterious and difficult to comprehend, greatly illustrates the journey of this collection. In contrast from the hand-crafted leather corset harness to a delicate goddess-like silk halter, it is simply an extraordinary place of brilliance to style. Sark's designs are detailed and versatile garments as her creations are not seasonable nor trends, it is more than fashion rather expressive one-of-a-kind pieces also known as haute couture. Each silhouette has a dramatic and poetic element and detailing when it comes to the colours and textures. Strong-shouldered backless top in raw garnet finished with the signature red silk lining, a beautiful twist of colour play. 


JAQKODÍ comes with a roar to the high-end market. The youth are defining luxury fashion with innovation and ultra-sophisticated designs yet to debut in October 2021. 


Check out the rest of their collection via @JAQKODI