• New Wave

The Story Of Black Bird, The Child With A Broken Heart by Rohey Jallow

Director @g.a.s.s

Director Assistant Cassandra Nal

DOP Sean Devaney

Actors Naomi Browne

Mohammed Rowe

Adeyinka Alake

Simon Burrowes

Naomi Alejo

Guitarist Oliver Rees

Pianist Henry Tozer

This short visual presentation is a cover of Blackbird by Nina Simone, the song was rewritten by Rohey Jallow and vocalist for the version featured in the short film. This song was used to share her childhood memories and relationship with her father, who has unfortunately passed. When her father died in her hands 2/3 months ago, she felt pain and loneliness in her that she had difficulty coming to terms with it, A pain due to the fact that she never really known who her dad was on a personal level. Upon hearing Blackbird by Nina Simone, she felt connected to the song, as if the song was speaking the little child in her, the child that has been lost for so many years.

Blackbird opens with a scene of a couple preparing for the delivery of a new child. Shortly after, the film cuts to a bird's eye view shot of a mother and daughter walking down the aisle of a church. The film continues by presenting scenes of a young girl growing up with her mother and father, getting love and attention in what seems to be a happy environment. However, as the young child and her mother in the prior scene reach the end of the aisle, they hug and her mother leaves her in the church with a look of sadness and regret. This is a key scene in the film as we no longer see the mother figure in the film again.

The story told as the film continues is about the relationship between a daughter and a father, from getting care and attention as a baby to moments of abandonment as a young child, this film depicts difficult moments in a child's growth. As the young child looks around the opulent church and proceeds to sit with a pianist, observing his talent, this may be a symbolic scene expressing how the young daughter, left to her own devices by her mother, has to find herself and learn to navigate through life independently.

The film closes with a powerful scene of the young girl leaving the church, shortly followed by what seems to be a much older version of herself, walking towards the altar and kneeling in a state of emotional distress. Suddenly a male figure appears, walking towards the young woman slowly, later consoling her as they both rise to their feet and hug. This scene illustrates the powerful bond of a daughter and father, and even more broadly a child and parent, this film presents to its audience the importance of these relationships in times of need while also taking into account the time and effort a parent gives to their child even when they have moments of disconnect and misunderstanding.

Watch the full film here:

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