• Elle Evans

Pip Millett Shares Her Highly Anticipated EP "Lost In June"

Pip Millett, the rising soulful songstress from Manchester has been catching the ears of many over the last year or so. In the bustling summer of 2019, Pip Millett released her debut EP “Do Well” consisting of 4 tracks all varying in mood. Taking 2020 with both hands, Pip has been unveiling a string of singles over the last few months in the lead up to her brand new project. Supporters have been waiting eagerly for today; the release of her highly anticipated 8-track EP entitled “Lost In June”. Known for her old school soul, rich vocals and compelling wordsmith, this EP is full of exactly that.

Kick starting the project with pre-released single “Deeper Dark” we hear Pip’s mum open the EP up with an endearing voice note touching on her past “Your dad was my first real boyfriend, I saw people” who goes on to play a bigger role throughout the EP. Reflecting on life before she got into a relationship, just like her mum Pip used to see people - “Deeper Dark” juggles her thought process between wanting to keep her independence alongside the fear of not wanting to feel dependant on someone. Bringing back a touch of mellowness layered over a guitar-lead backdrop comes “Like It Like That”, an almost self-love anthem where we hear Pip sing “There’s not many people with a smile like this one, you’d think I won prize for these big eyes and those dimples on my cheeks and my back just above my ass, I like it like that, I like like like me like this”. Transitioning into something more upbeat, “June” is a dreamy and melodic track which automatically paints a blossoming summer’s day in your head. Built upon a groove that’s bound to make you move, Pip stated that this song is dedicated to her beloved nan June on Instagram. Before journeying over to one of Pip’s stand-out tracks “Ava” we hear another voice note from her Mum “The way I deal with sadness is to keep busy, keep focused as much as possible on other things”….”And in the sadness in memories find things to laugh about or great memories and keep them and hold them” the perfect introduction to “Ava” an emotionally charged track based around mental health and fear. Stripped back to its core, this song captivates you from the very first note, enabling Pip’s voice to come to the forefront giving it a very personal feel. Now heading towards the end of the EP with “Heavenly Mother”, something a little different to what we have heard from Pip before, enriched with choppy vocals and delicate harmonies the piano keys amongst other live instruments uplift the hook giving it a slight gospel feel. “Start of The End” is an atmospheric and laid back offering, a similar feel to “Contact” on her previous EP “Do Well”. Closing out the EP we hear back from Pip’s Mum “Your Dad was so stubborn and you are stubborn but that’s good, that’s strong, it’s a strength” an endearing and heartfelt message to Pip - the perfect personal touch. Listen to “Lost In June” below.

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