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Capsule Collection: Daily Paper X Bob Marley

The trio that is Daily Paper has returned, following the release of their last collection “Future Roots”, inspired by African culture and history. They continue to honour their heritages by paying tribute to Bob Marley on what would have been his 76th birthday, with a capsule collection.

Displaying his prime stimulus to the brand. The Amsterdam-based collective has been a growing industry favourite, by curating fashion that is modern and unruffled, while incorporating thoughtful collaborations that tell compelling stories based on the African diaspora. They specifically hope to put in place the potential future, inspire and educate the future and current generations to come.

Essential to this collection is Bob Marley’s timeless, Redemption Song that turned 40 years old last year but is more mantic than ever. The line from the song, “None but ourselves can free our minds” surfaces throughout the collection, accompanying other quotes such as, “love would never leave us alone” and “could you be loved”. Reminding us of the power of love and evoking our own capability.

While the inspiration and context are fulfilling, the physical collection falls nothing short of the same. Featuring a variety of placid tones; lilac, brown, beige, and white, they are brought to life through the eye capturing fonts and placement of quotes, and bright orange outline on some designs. It is a diverse collection, implementing pieces that are for any occasion, curated by soft cotton athleisure styles. A workwear enthused, sand-checked silhouetted in accompany with jacquard designs and custom-made lace.

Essential pieces include the embroidered Jacaranda coloured Klacid hoodie and pants, Kano and Kensine sand cargo set, and the Kovan brown Jacquard scarf shirt, all items retailing between €50 -€300.

This capsule collection precisely illustrates the important aesthetic the represents Daily Paper, the collection is out now in selected retailers worldwide and on their website.

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