• Rehana Harmony

Yizzy Has Released The Remix To His Song "Don't Feel A Way"

Yesterday Yizzy dropped off the remix of his recently released track, “Don’t Feel A Way” - which features a pacy garage-styled production curated by grime legend Dizzee Rascal. 

Enlisting both heavyweights and newcomers alike, this remix is an epic example of grimes legacy from it’s beginnings to present date. Featuring, Big Narstie, Mercston, Window Kid, Devilman, Little Dee and The Pxttern. All MC’s mentioned, take turns throughout to showcase their craziest 16 bars over a booming, classic UK soundtrack. 

Speaking on the single, Yizzy commented; “The ‘Don’t Feel A Way’ remix was all about me linking up with a few of my friends in music and putting together something that’s a lot of fun, a lot of energy and that people can listen to while staying home in these crazy times. Even down to the video, we wanted to keep it very basic and roots level – a couple of clips on some phones and everyone doing their best 16 bars in traditional Grime fashion, reminiscent of the old days”.

Stream Don’t Feel A Way on Spotify and on Apple Music here.

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