• Daniella Francis

What’s new with Cassie?

Cassie has been through a musical journey, with the best phase yet to come! Cassie is now happily engaged and expecting her first child which is currently opening a new chapter. Cassie creates smooth and soothing melodies which are uplifting and captivating. There’s a noticeable blend of RnB, Pop and Hip-Hop in Cassie’s music style creating both a hypnotic but dreamy sound. Cassie has released several singles this year helping her to gradually create a buzz. The singles take us back to 05’ when Cassie released “Me & U”, followed by her self-titled debut album “Cassie”. However, her new singles depict a sense of maturity and a new appreciation for love. Cassie has released three recent singles “Don’t let go”, “Teach Me” and “Simple Things” amongst several other songs. The artwork for all three singles are quite similar depicting a running theme between the three singles. The release of the three tracks were included in an exercise of freedom she practised by releasing free tracks on a Friday naming this #FreeFridays.

“Don’t Let Go”, shows Cassie fluently expressing her emotions and feelings. We can only suspect that Cassie is singing about her relationship with her fiancé Alex Fine. The soulful beat is coupled with her smooth vocals with inspiration taken from Janet Jackson’s song, “That’s the way Love goes”.

Cassie has kept the same theme in the song, “Teach me” as she continues to express her newly found love. The soothing vocals and catchy melody makes this single standout amongst the other tracks released. The piano playing throughout the track helps to create a peaceful and relaxing vibe – which is expected from Cassie!

“Simple Things”, is an upbeat feel good song we hear Cassie sing, “Brand new, I’m so brand new…Old me, don’t notice me”. We sense that Cassie is over her past tribulations and is looking forward to her new ventures and family.

This new chapter for Cassie will be exciting, monumental and will create pinnacle moments in her life. We’re interested to see how this will continue to translate in her new music and projects!

Check out the three singles below!

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