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North London’s Clive Mercury releases 'Eat Sleep Makeheat Repeat' EP

Off the back of his latest EP Grapes, Clive Mercury returns to the scene with yet another much anticipated release named ‘Eat Sleep Makeheat Repeat’. This body of work, produced by Clive himself under the alias Melly Merc, displays his distinctive style and approach to rap. With a skillful technique and a grime influenced flow this project reflects Clive’s versatility while also sustaining a strong vocal presence and awareness through each track. 

The EP is a prequel to his mixtape that will be released later in the year consisting of various tracks created from his “relentless cycle of eating, sleeping, working hard and repeating throughout 2019”

It opens up with the first track Way which tells the story of Clive having to find his path to success, using the familiar anecdote of kids playing outside as a metaphor for how he felt at that point in time. The EP then segways into Apple n Henny featuring Kas, which is an idea based on his experience with the drink. With a hypnotic flute melody and a drill percussion line, this song speaks to the chemistry that both artists have built with each other from the start of their career. Bringing this mini project to a close is the final track Maggie Boi which also features Amar and Infamous Izak. ‘Maggie Boi’ or ‘Maggie Gurl’ is a term that was coined at the end of 2018, Clive explains that its “a phrase we commonly use to describe us, our friends and anybody that enjoys the Magnum beverage.”

There’s no doubt that Clive Mercury will be making frequent appearances to the music scene bring vibes all year long. ESMHR is available to stream on all platforms.

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