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Nizzy Unveils His Afro-Fusion Sophomore EP 'Pillow Therapy'

The fast-rising London Afro-fusion artist, songwriter and musician Nizzy has just released his long-awaited and highly anticipated sophomore EP titled Pillow Therapy, coming three years after his critically acclaimed debut EP Dreamin’ In Colour.

Collaborating with guest artists like UK rapper Big Tobz, and exciting newcomer Wauve, as well as exciting new producers including London-based SHØLA and French-based producer Chris Motems. Nizzy has delivered a soulful, captivating and forward-thinking body of work; merging R&B, Dancehall and Afrobeats together, this 7-track project is quality Afro-fusion project that's bound to have you up and moving!

Speaking about the inspiration behind his Pillow Therapy EP, Nizzy says, “The EP was inspired by past love experiences and I also wrote the songs in the winter, so it does have that ‘cuddling season for lovers’ feel to it. The record is very mood music-heavy and it feels like something you want to listen to at night, when you just want to release your body and soul just before bedtime, and that’s exactly my vibe right now, so I’m glad the EP was able to capture that, and I hope listeners can connect with me through these soulful fusion songs”. Listen to Pillow Therapy below.