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Local Goon Releases Gritty Song & Visual 'ED EDD and EDDY'

Photography by Adam Ali

South London artist Local Goon is back with a new charismatic and gritty record Ed EDD and EDDY, a reference to the old cartoon Ed Edd and Eddy which he references in the song. After the release of his first single 'In House' which garnered a lot of attention in the London underground scene, Local Goon continues to mold his sound with another high energy record as he delivers his lyrics with his brash vocals. The record produced by Shimz343 is a high hat and clap heavy instrumental with punching drums, which match the tempo of Locan Goon's flow considerably.

The visual Directed by Jack Harper is a free-spirited visual that begins with a highly saturated effect, showing Locan Goon and producer Shimz343 performing a complicated handshake before the first verse begins. the 2-minute visual also expresses the gritty feel of the record in location, lighting and Local goon's performance. Jack Explained the visual by saying.

"This video had 0 planning. If it was, the pure point of this approach would not have been what it became. Planning ain’t always required and to be taken seriously. Sometimes just have fun, be productive with your friends and forget about your ‘positioning’."

Listen to ED EDD AND EDDY below

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