• Elle Evans

Jordan Stephens Releases His Highly Anticipated Introspective Exploration Of Love On The 'P.I.G' EP

Jordan Stephens, musician, writer and artist is the day he released his highly anticipated debut solo-EP P.I.G. (Pain Is Good).

Exploring the concept of love, the EP includes the ethereal Found In Space track alongside the dream-like, euphoric Shadow Love. Working with various producers (Harley & Ferg, Dan Holloway & Aston Rudi) on the EP, Jordan discovered a new sonic that has enabled him to learn more about himself in the process. Including new singles Teach Me, Thunder, WDYWFM this EP is a thoughtful, relatable and at times humorous collection of anecdotes of his own experiences. Still whilst touching sex, empowerment, mental health and most importantly love. Speaking on the project, Jordan states "PIG is 5 expressions of the same battle. What I love most about making music is learning more about myself. I’ve had an unusual life and met a lot of people but it feels as though I’m only just meeting myself and it’s not easy. But so far, everything on the other side of discomfort seems promising."

Listen to the P.I.G EP below.

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