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Isaiah Brown Delivers Atmospheric Loosie “Run.”

Fast-rising LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Isaiah Brown has arrived with all-new single, entitled “Run.”

“Run” acts as a follow-up to his debut single “Perfume,” which has proven to be a huge success and has quickly approached half a million plays across Spotify and YouTube in just under four months.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Run’, Isaiah Brown says, “I love how Travis Scott turns hip-hop psychedelic with his instrumentation and vocal compliments and his ‘Astroworld’ album is still one of my favorite of all time as a result. My track ‘Run’ is my interpretation of that psychedelic hip-hop style, but with more R&B tones instead of rap. Incorporating a voice full of raw emotion onto a well-crafted and trippy instrumental with ‘Run’ brings the listener to a new world, a world that many may have never experienced before”.

Thematically, Isaiah Brown adds, “If you find a love so strong that it blurs the line of reality, be careful you don’t lose yourself. I did, it broke me into pieces before I had the chance to escape, and that’s where the emotion in this record came from. If you can, when you listen to ‘Run’ for the first time, try to close your eyes and imagine yourself in isolation. Wherever you may be, just take a deep breath and feel whatever comes to you. Does it make you want to jump, cry, sing along, or run? Your reaction to this record very well could be your common reaction to love”.

Stream Isaiah Brown’s new track “Run” here and on Apple Music.

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