• Elle Evans

Introducing: Ayrtn

Up and coming artist Ayrtn may only be at the start of his music career but he has already proven a lot. The 19 year-old born and raised in South East London started producing at the age of 12 for fun. After recognising his talent he started to take it seriously between the ages of 16 and 17. Making beat after beat he decided to start rapping over them and upload them to Soundcloud. Through doing so he started to see a small success through gaining recognition from his musical peers, friends and his family. Soon enough, Ayrtn started uploading his tracks onto major streaming platforms, releasing his home studio album in 2018 entitled FLIGHT07. This project gained him more recognition with featured tracks Edgar Davis, Cosy and Flight1999. Shortly after releasing his album, he dropped a single entitled South which is a personal favourite of mine. You can watch Aytrn perform this on Evergreen Live below.

Ayrtn's music is built up of various layers. If you listen closely to his choice of beats and production, you will notice that it's not your cliche U.K. sounding beat. Instead, he chooses a more majestic sound which ultimately contrasts with his deeper tone and flows. In regards to his production, he is inspired by the more natural aspects of the world i.e. nature and greenery. Controlling his beats are his wavey bars and flows, inspired from artists such as Kanye West, DENZINO, DXVL and JPEGMAFIA. Lyrically, Ayrtn is inspired by life itself and his experiences as well as his friends. After recently dropping a string of singles entitled Everyday (D.N.A), MAGIC and Excuse Me his work rate hasn't gone unknown. Everyday (D.N.A) has a wavey almost spacey atmospheric beat behind it which has already racked up just under 30,000 streams on Spotify alone. Earlier this week he released the visuals to track MAGIC. Visually, this music video is dope, the concept creatively isn't lacking. Directed by Alex Baro, Ayrtn sonically proves himself again. Leaning away from anything generic, the production behind his bars is what stands him clear from the rest.

You can listen to his latest single Excuse Me below. Let us know your thoughts on Ayrtn below!

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